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Outsourcing vs outstaffing: make an informed decision

Thus, Grand View Research, Inc. calculated that the cost of outsourcing and outstaffing would grow by 7.7 percent per year. This means that global spending will grow by $936.3 billion by 2027. Some companies do not have well-laid down structures on how to undertake software development. Also, these companies may not possess the necessary skills and infrastructure to hire competent software developers. Зerhaps these companies do not need long-term cooperation and constant improvement of their product — they need a team exclusively for a point project.

Only those dev shops that passed through our high criteria and have proven success rates appear in our talent pool. We did it to ensure that we can find the best talent for our clients in the shortest best cloud security companies time possible. But there are many other advantages for companies that choose to hire through YouTeam. We’ve worked with clients from various industries, helping their business scale fast.

What Would Be the Best for You – IT Outsourcing or IT Outstaffing?

Thus, an outstaffing provider builds the team in a joint effort with the client, whereas in outsourcing, the client never knows who works on their project. In outsourcing, you won’t be a part of the SDLC and will rely on the provider when it comes to the quality of code produced by their team. With outstaffing, you can have the benefit of retaining full control over your team and managing the development process as you see fit. Both outsourcing and outstaffing focus on your scaling needs, helping you free up your core team from additional tasks and add more hands.» » » READ MORE