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Use Trello to improve your workflows to tackle any job

List out all of the marketing ideas that you have in your head here, and then mange. If you plan your product on a weekly basis, here you go. If you’re a real estage agent and if you think that you cannot manage your real estate properties then I have a good news. If you are a growth hacker or increasing the growth is a part of your job, set up this board in your Trello. Here you go with belong to a development team but don’t follow Scrum.

trello sample boards

Meanwhile, blue labels indicate recurring tasks, which means those need to be repeated every sprint . Not to mention, these boards are a boon to other departments. If you’ve already started using Trello, you’ve probably been shocked by how easy it is to build your first board.

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Key Features Stickers Bring visual context to cards in a delightful way. Labels Categorize cards visually & easily filter by label type. SAMPLE BOARD STRUCTURE To Do Add cards here for tasks that need to be started. Doing When someone begins work trello for software development on a card, drag and drop the card to this list. What better way to track your candidates than to whack them into a Trello board? Upload their CV, link to LinkedIn, commentary / feedback on their interview process and salary requirements.

trello sample boards

If you work remotely, you may also find this board on remote team meetings useful. We will also be recomending some power-ups to go with each Trello board.» » » READ MORE