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The Essential Functions of Board Meeting Software

Utilizing the latest mobile technology and rapidly improving cloud technology board management software replaces email and paper as the primary platform for administrators and directors to access meeting materials and perform their governance responsibility. The best solutions are those that satisfy the needs of both groups. They include tools to help administrative staff save time and tools to make it easier for administrators and directors to look over and digest material before, during meetings, and after.

The first step is to decide on their “must-haves'” in the final solution. By identifying the key features, like note taking on board paper or secure document storage could help narrow the list of alternatives. This will help streamline the process of evaluation. With the right tools will mean that directors can concentrate on delivering worth to the company.

The administrative aspect of the equation is the next to be evaluated. Picking a company with an extensive track record of supplying boards portals that meet the requirements of a diverse range of organizations is important. Look for providers with a track record of accomplishment and an intimate understanding of the business.

Meeting preparation is made much easier for administrators with simple tools that let them make agendas, and share documents to create surveys and votes, and prepare minutes. Meetings go faster when agenda items are linked to relevant documents and one click moves those documents into draft minutes that can be read on any device. The enhanced security features, such as real-time notifications, the option to share annotations with others or hide them completely, and the option to share them with only a select group of people, ensure the information you share is accurate and up-to date.